Time to stop and smell the roses…

Thank you to our awesome social committee and porch volunteers for putting on an excellent porch party last weekend!  It was great to meet new neighbors and catch up with old. 

As the season progresses into summer, the Gardens of Zionsville is coming up thanks to the SullivanMunce Cultural Center.  Enjoy some time to yourself and with your families, get your tickets and smell the roses!

As you know we are still in the ongoing process of planning stages for the PUD.  Our Gateway Committee is asking questions and gathering data to add input to the process. 

Here is the link again of the changing of the entryway to this downtown gateway with proposed road and path adjustments as well as guidelines for new construction (go to “see the details” and click on the “read the PUD” for updates that are posted on the site regularly.)

As an example of what our volunteer committee is doing, please see the draft letter at the bottom of this newsletter; it’s extremely well written and researched by Tim Casady.  As this detailed letter covers one section of the proposed PUD, we plan on preparing more letters/discussions regarding other impacted areas and would like to have your input. Thank you to those who have already provided their thoughts and data.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024! Enjoy the summer and smell the roses.

e-mail me at: president@zvra.com

VRA President Bret Brewer

From Zionsville Town Councilor Sarah Sampson

The last week of the school year is often a time of reflection for me, a check-in of sorts, an assessment of goals achieved and a chance to reset. This spring, I have a college graduate, a college student who is job shadowing, a rising senior and sophomore in high school, and my two younger boys who are also students in ZCS. They are all finished for the school year, but I can tell they are also looking forward to what comes next. 

I think our town is in a time of assessment time as well. We are listening to our Mayor’s proposal of future design ideas for the Village Business District, as well as preparing for a new Comprehensive Plan for the entire area of Zionsville. The energy and excitement can be felt to get “what comes next” done right. The Plan Commission, Town Council, and Administration are tasked with working together with the town’s stakeholders to find a creative, yet successful move forward into a South Village that can balance economic enhancements, implement improvements for parking and traffic, all while honoring our charming historic brick main street presentation. I encourage everyone to do what you can to pay attention, attend meetings, and want you to feel free to communicate positive feedback or concerns to me (sesampson@zionsville-in.gov).

If there is a student in your family, I hope they had a good end of the school year. If you have a graduate, congratulations! Summer is a great time to reflect and set new goals, but there are also a lot of activities to enjoy around Zionsville this time of year. I hope you are able to take advantage of these summertime events and opportunities that Zionsville has to offer!

-Town Councilor Sarah Sampson

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When it’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood, consider trying one of the walking tours to learn more about the Village’s Century Structures. Choose among three tours sponsored by the SullivanMunce Cultural Center. Each takes about an hour and covers approximately one mile. The tours will soon be available in the app store; in the meantime scan these QR codes and take a test drive. The tours begin at the SullivanMunce Cultural Center (Tour #3), CoHatch / North High (Tour #1), or at 5th and Poplar (Tour #2).

Up for Discussion

As mentioned in the opening letter, the following draft is part of the ongoing discussion regarding South Village.

2 Replies to “June 2024”

  1. Chelsea Overbeck says:

    The link and QR code to the Century Structures Walking Tour have been updated. Here is the link if you wish to do any of the Village walking tours:



  2. pat long says:

    As a Village resident, I am impressed and amazed at the amount of detail the VRA special committee has presented regarding the proposals for South Village PUD, especially in comparison to the Cove PUD. Thank you for your time and efforts.

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