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Your weekly Zionsville Village update is below.  

Upcoming Events:  

  • Thursday December 17: 5-9pm – Christmas in the Village Toasty Toddy Night -  Enjoy specials from Zionsville Village restaurants and bars as you celebrate with a cup of Holiday Cheer!  Meet at the empty lot at Main & Sycamore St for fun around the fire. Hotel Tango offers 2 toddy offerings & a very special musical guest!
  • Saturday December 19 : 11-12pm – Santa on the MOVE! Check social media to find Santa; 12:30 – 3pm Santa in residence at Main & Cedar Streets
  • Sunday December 20:   11am - 3pm Santa in residence at Main & Cedar Streets (last day to see Santa!)

Visit surrounding neighborhoods for spectacular holiday lights:

  • 115 South Lexington Ct., Irongate, Zionsville
  • 6539 Hunter’s Ridge North, Zionsville
  • The homes at the entrance of Cobblestone Lakes
  • 5561 Primrose Dr, Clark Meadows, Whitestown
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Continuing Events:

  • Zionsville Town Hall closed to the public until further notice
  • Zion Nature Center closed to public until the end of 2020 – instead pick up a  Winter Camp at Home  activity bag for $20 filled with nature activities through Dec 17. 
  • SullivanMunce Cultural Center - First Come, First Hung exhibit through Dec 18

Zionsville/Village News:

If you can help with the Village Voice weekly or monthly please reach out to! We can use help! Just an hour or two a month would be outstanding.

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