It’s April which means spring break time in Zionsville. If you’re not leaving town, please take a moment to visit our local businesses. You just may find a special deal or two at certain merchants who are eager to keep downtown busy. #shoplocal

Our social committee is working incredibly hard to find sponsorship for VRA events so that we can continue our fun gatherings without the expenses falling on members. We’ll keep you posted with their activities. Part of the initiative will help new residents understand what the VRA is and how to become a member. The big spring VRA event is the Porch Party on May 20!

A few additional items:

  • Brush and Limb Collection starts April 10. Place all yard debris curbside by 7:30 a.m.
  • The town council recently revised the golf cart ordinance. 106th, 116th, 96th, Oak and Sycamore Streets (only between first and Michigan) are prohibited. Otherwise, happy carting. Golf cart owners must obtain a permit at Town Hall.
  • There have been a lot of questions about trash service and a few experienced a small disruption in service this week. Town Councilor Josh Garrett explains the status in his message, and there’s additional info below that.
  • The next town council meeting is April 10 at 7pm. They will be discussing the Carpenter Nature Preserve.
  • Rail Trail extension project is underway. The first phase is from CR875 E to Mulberry St, with the second phase closing the Rail Trail from Mulberry to Starkey. This phase is estimated to start in early May. Visit the website for more info.

Heather Lusk, VRA President

Councilor Corner

It’s March Madness time so let’s talk trash!   Okay, not trash talking as in sports, but the actual business of picking up your trash.  At the Council’s March 20th meeting we were informed that back in December the current trash provider (Waste Management) had exercised their 90-day out clause from the current contract due to rising costs of fuel, truck maintenance and labor.

Once that notification was given, the Town had to decide on how to select the vendor for this service.  There are two ways (per Indiana code) that a Town can pick a new vendor.   The first is through a traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) process which is very involved and requires various sign-offs from the Town Council.  The second is through a Request for Bid, which is less rigorous in process but can achieve the same result.   The administration and Council leadership determined together that a Bid process was the best way to find a vendor within a short period of time.

Lance Lantz, the Town’s DPW Superintendent, kicked off that process by drafting the specifications for this bid.  This is a very involved process because it must have enough detail so that bidders can submit accurate quotes for delivery of their services.   Once the bid package was created, it was published to bidders on February 15th.  They were given 30 days to respond with their sealed bids, as well as having the ability to ask questions and attend a pre-bid meeting, all of which is typical in this procurement of trash and recycling services.

At our March 20th meeting, Mr. Lantz opened the three submitted bids.  The lowest bidder for this 3 year contract would be awarded the business so long as the Town could properly vet them as being capable to deliver the services.   The three bids were as follows:

Waste Management of Indiana – $4,101,564.24

Republic Services of Indiana – $4,567,626.10

Priority Waste – $2,827,329.84

Assuming that they pass the vetting process, which is expected given their current customer list, Priority Waste will be the new trash and recycling vendor for the residents of the Town and will continue to be billed by the Town.   According to the contract, Priority Waste will deliver standardized garbage cans to all residents and will use trucks similar to the current recycling truck, meaning it will have one individual operating the truck/hoist and no individual hand throwing garbage into the back.  The Town will continue to have heavy pick-up in Spring and Fall as well.

The costs to consumers will be going up, however due to the lower bid by Priority, not as much it would have relative to the other bidders.   Currently residents pay $9.90/month for trash service, and under the new contract the rates will be:

Year 1 – $11.95/month

Year 2 – $12.31/month

Year 3 – $12.68/month

Because this is a new vendor, and the bidding process ate into much of the 90 day notice by the current vendor, the Council made an emergency resolution allowing the Town to negotiate with vendors should we need to have any gaps in service filled during the transition.  The intent is that residents will not experience any delays in trash pick-up.

Josh Garrett, Zionsville Town Council

Additional Trash Talk from the Town:

During the March 20 Town Council meeting, members had a sealed bid opening for trash/recycling providers. They received three trash/recycling bids (Waste Management, Republic Services and Priority). Priority has been determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

Other updates:

  • They are finalizing contracts.
  • There are NO anticipated disruptions to residential trash and recycling services.
  • Town Council is working to schedule a meeting to establish an ordinance adopting the new rates. 
  • They’re currently in communication with Priority about the upcoming processes.
  • Residents will receive a mailer with info in the near future.
  • It’s still business as usual for residents so please continue to place trash/recycling containers as you have.

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