Dec 3rd (Saturday) Annual VRA Progressive Dinner; Hope to see many of you there!
Dec 3rd to Feb 5th Superbowl Sports Art Exhibition in the Village

Letter From The President

I have quite a bit to be thankful for this holiday season. Of course my dear friends and family, but I am also truly thankful for the great year that I have had this year as the President of the VRA. It has been so rewarding to spend so much time with so many great neighbors; getting to know them, working on projects with them and seeing them pull together. Thanks to all of you who make the Village such a special and wonderful place to live.

Two people who I want to give special thanks to are the current Vice President, Kathy Scales-Brown and past President Bill Burgman. Bill is full of sage advice, sharp wit and some quite interesting viewpoints. He is always right there to make sure we are focused and moving forward, even more… Bill knows how to split some wood! Every person that meets Kathy is a little bit better for it. Her positive attitude and constant smile always bring a bit of joy into my day, and if you know Kathy you know what I mean. Thanks again to both of you! And at the next VRA function, give them a thanks, because so much of what we do in the VRA wouldn’t happen without them.

As we get near the SuperBowl, and it looks like the Colts may not be able to make it to that final game this year (ok, not a prayer), please remember that Zionsville, and the Village in particular, is a SuperBowl Super Celebration Site. That means that there will be a lot of people here to shop and dine and buses taking people back and forth to downtown and lots to see and do, like the NAMOS Football Art exhibit and the skating rink. If you have any time at all during the SuperBowl weekend, make sure that you get in touch with the Z’Bowl committee ( http://www.zbowl2012.com/new/volunteer.html/ ) and sign up to volunteer. They need people to help show off what a great place Zionsville is to live and work. Many hands make light work, so let’s make sure that we are the best super celebration site there is! Volunteer for the Village!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!
Chris Bucher

VRA President

Village News


The Z-bowl Committee is pleased to announce that starting December 3, 2012 the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) will be displaying the permanent collection of Football art in the Village businesses, such as: Watts Fine Art, Goodman Jewelers, Brown’s on Main and the Prudential Z’Bowl Host Office, as well as the Indianapolis Executive Airport on the North side of Zionsville..

With the strong ties that Zionsville has to the Arts, the Z-Bowl Committee contacted NAMOS to host a special exhibition of sports art for the Big Game festivities. This amazing display of sports art is worth a look as you walk through the village through the holiday season. Thanks to all the VRA members and other Zionsville neighbors who have worked so hard at getting this prestigious show of art here in the Village as our part of our Super Celebration.


It is important that we have a lot of participation in the upcoming weeks and months with all of the planning and development meetings. The last meeting of the EDC Strategic Plan Working Group didn’t hold much as far as new information, so hopefully the next few will. You owe it to yourself and to your neighbors to learn about what is going on and ask the questions that you need answered. After we learn what is in the EDC Plan, we will be looking to our new representatives in the Town Council to fill us in even more and make sure that our opinions get back to the EDC and the Town Council. Those meetings will be noticed with an E-Blast and we have already asked one of the Councilors to meet with us. See the below noted meeting schedule for dates and times of the public meetings. Feel free to let us know if you have more questions and check in at www.zvra.com for more details.

We are still waiting for Monument Construction to schedule a time to hear about their proposed development on the Citgo Site.

At the first of the year, the Village will have two new Town Councilors representing us. We had Steve Mundy (East of 6th) to our October meeting and we hope to have Elizabeth Hopper (West of 6th) in soon so you can get to know her.

Dec 8th (Thurs) at 8am in the Fireplace Room for the Economic Development Strategic Plan Working Group
Dec 14th (Wed) at 7pm in the Community Room for the Public Presentation regarding the proposed Economic Strategic Plan. For those who cannot attend, the presentation of the plan can be accessed through the town website:
Dec 19th (Mon) at 7pm in Bev Harves Room for the Zionville Plan Commission monthly meeting
Jan 3rd (Tues) at 7pm in Bev Harves Room for the Town Council monthly meeting
Jan 17th (Tues) at 7pm in Bev Harves Room for the Plan Commission monthly meeting
Jan 18th (Wed) at 7pm in the Community Room for the Economic Development Commission (EDC) monthly meeting


With the New Year along comes the opportunity to be part of our town government. We would like to encourage you to place your name on the list of nominee’s for some of the committee’s, commissions or boards in Zionsville. If you would like to be part of our town government it is a pretty straightforward process.

-Decide which board or committee that you would like to participate in due to your interest, education or experience

-Send an email to Town Manager Ed Mitro (emitro@zionsville-in.gov) with your name, address and contact info

-List the positions which you would like to apply

-You must attach your resume and list of experience that you believe qualify you for the positions you are applying for

-Send the email

In January, the Town Council will go through the applications and make their appointments.

Here are some of the boards and committee’s that will need to be populated:
-Redevelopment Commission
-Economic Development Commission
-Pathways Committee
-Parks Board
-Architectural Review Committee
-Police Board of Commissioners

There are probably more. Feel free to call the town to find out if there are other opportunities for you to lend your time and talents. Most of the committee’s meet monthly and there are even some committees that have very short tenures such as the upcoming Land Use Plan Working Group. Being on a committee is a great way to learn more about your town, and while it may not always fun, it is certainly very interesting.

Village representation on most boards is very lacking, and it would be good to have more Village neighbors involved in the Town government.
Resumes must be received by December 16th!

Village Voice Art

Click the image to zoom.

Changing the Gift-Giving Paradigm

By Carrie Ciula

A few years ago, I accompanied a friend to their family’s holiday gathering. Since I wasn’t close to any attending family members, gift exchange was nowhere near the front of my mind. Mid-way through the festivities, people began breaking out beautifully decorated packages~ I was so happy to sit back and simply watch. My friend’s aunt (who was also hosting the party) quickly noticed my non-participating stance and, wanting me to feel ‘a part’ of the exchange, grabbed the gaudiest, most hideous sounding plastic, snoring Santa statue and~ to my {slightly amused} horror~ presented it to me as a gift. Naturally, I graciously accepted ‘snoring Santa’…and, to this day, my friend and I still occasionally indulge in a hearty laugh over the whole ordeal. The second I returned home, I wasted no time hunting for the plastic recycling number on the bottom…and into the recycling basket it went.

Gift-giving. Rarely do we engage in an activity that solicits such a tangle of thoughts and values.

Of course, ‘snoring Santa’ hasn’t been the only gift that I’ve rerouted under-the-radar. There have been countless gifts from countless holiday gatherings that have failed to make it inside our home. Many (if not most) find a new home almost instantly. My personal desire for a very simple life without clutter aside, I cringe when I think about the masses upon masses of pure plastic junk that is produced in our country year after year after (gift giving) year and despite the fact that I’ve made it a pre-holiday tradition to express to family members and close friends that I would love to enjoy a simple holiday gathering without the {near insane} hassle of obligatory buying for everyone, we still manage to drive home every year with a car-load of ‘goods.’

How important, really, is gift giving? And, HOW MUCH do we really need?? One of my favorite memories as a child was listening to my mom read The Little House on the Prairie book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was drawn to a simple way of living even then and vividly recall Laura’s description of their family’s Christmas. In general, after a long trip to the nearest town, ‘Pa’ would typically have enough left over, after buying needed supplies, to bring each child a stick of candy…and there was one Christmas, in particular, where they were snowed in for months—receiving makeshift gifts and finally enjoying their Christmas meal months later. It was all accepted with a spirit of appreciation for what they did have and the time that they were able to spend together. I adore this variety of rustic gratitude…{much so.}

…Now, instead of waking up on Christmas morning to a new pair of socks or a bag of rock candy, children fully expect to be greeted by a slew (a fairly LARGE slew) of bags and boxes.


On one hand, obligatory gift buying and giving long ago crossed a boundary into a consumer-centered, wasteful holiday tradition that is in desperate need of a lil’ shape-shifting.

The desire to delight your child, grandchild, niece or nephew with the latest and greatest game or toy runs right up against the {very likely} scenario of the toy in consideration being poorly made in another country, lacking in long-term play value, and being composed of umpteen plastic parts (most of which will be eaten by the vacuum or end up in the nearest landfill by the following month).

On the other hand, it is such a pleasure to make or buy a special gift and give it to someone you love with the purest desire to do so.

Either way, even if the act of wildly exchanging gifts is unlikely to change any year soon within your ‘circle of giving,’ there is one strategy that can cut through the conflicts of gift giving and make for much less of a burden~ both for recipients who might not share your unique tastes, and for our planet! This particular purposeful focus hums to the subtle tune of simplicity and freedom from choking consumerism…and~ just as diggable~ makes shopping more enjoyable…in one word:


A consumable gift is one that will be used up, one that is not ‘stash-able’ until the next yard sale or thrift shop drop-off…it is not a material thing, a ‘keepsake,’ decoration, trinket; it is not on the fast and savvy track to adding to the clutter section of one’s sacred space. A consumable is an experiential gift. It is something that will be enjoyed by the recipient…yet, will have an end;). Something to eat, something to read, something to bake, somewhere to go……

Let’s begin with the little ones. I know from experience that a huge plastic art set lacks the play miles that come along with a simple pad of drawing paper and a nice set of colored pencils. Likewise, instead of a huge ensemble of toy pots, pans, pretend food and packaging, go for a baking mix or a certificate for a mom daughter cooking class. Books are always a perfect gift for a child~ they can be read over and over, supporting quality family together time and, when no longer enjoyed, can easily be donated to the local library or thrift store.

Edibles are a no-brainer. The holiday gift industry is well aware of the ‘for everyone appeal’ of themed packaged food. However, before dishing out for a box of stale crackers, spread and salty meat~ consider creating your own bag of fresh and natural eats…or even a food share at a local farm or farmer’s market.

For your parents? Forget passing along more ‘crafty pieces’ for their already full house. Give them tickets to a play, movie or a certificate for dinner at a local restaurant. Candles, note cards stamps, soap, lotion, supplies for a project they’ve wanted to complete are all good ideas…or maybe a membership to a fitness center or ‘food/wine/fruit/chocolate of the month’ club.

For a close friend or lover~ get creative! Plan an entire night or outing, include a massage, yoga session or other stress-relieving engagement—or simply orchestrate a relaxing evening at home.

Package up homemade trail mix, fresh fruit or an assortment of teas for colleagues and friends.

Again, think experience! The possibilities are endless and it’s typically much more satisfying (for all involved, really) to piece together unique, useful offerings than it is to pack the trunk full of highly commercialized, ‘one size fits all’ gift bombs.

Cheers to preserving both our planet and our sanity…one (small,consumable) gift at a time;).

Ways to Give in Zionsville this Holiday Season

There are few better ways to give back to your community than to buy from your local merchants and artisans. Like making the extra effort to keep change in the car for the Salvation Army bell ringers, making the extra effort to think outside the (Big)Box in your gift giving and household purchases can have a HUGE impact on your local community.

Zionsville’s Zeta Sigma Chapter of Tri Kappa will be selling 48”x60” blankets for $40 at Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, 135 S Elm St, to raise funds for local scholarships and grants to local organizations. Email bculp@indy.rr.com for bulk purchases or questions.

Offering freshly cut, grown in Indiana Frazier and Douglas Firs as well as Scotch and White Pines
Monday closed
Tuesday to Friday open 6pm to 8pm
Saturday open 9am to 6pm
Sunday open noon to 6pm

Drop-off canned soup to be donated to the Zionsville Food Pantry. Drop–off locations throughout Zionsville.

Proceeds will support the beautification of the playgrounds and park. The ornament and cards feature the Lions Park gazebo. Visit www.zionsvillelions.com or stop by the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce or Akard True Value.

Located at Zionsville Presbyterian Church 4775 W 116th St. Currently needs: canned meat, canned fruit, breakfast cereal and toiletries. www.zpc.org

Serves Boone Country residents. To explore volunteer opportunities, visit www.loveincbc.org/#/get-involved

www.thecaringcenter.net. Provides assistance to those in need.

New and gently used toys are being gathered to go to families and children in need in Boone County. Clothing, non-perishable food items and monetary donations made payable to Boone County Toy Drive are also accepted. Items may be dropped off at the following locations:

    Zionsville Fire Department 100 N. Ford Road, drop off donations anytime
    Eagle Elementary 350 N Sixth Street, drop off donations at the front office M-F 8-4

ZIONSVILLE GIVING TREES, throughout december
Zionsville shops and restaurants have decorated Giving Trees with mittens that identify the needs of local area charitable organizations. You can fill the request on the mitten and help make a Christmas wish come true for needy families in the area.

Accepting donations: Dog Cat Food (dry or can), dog cat treats, and 2 to 5 gallon buckets w/lids (can be new or re-purposed “Kitty Litter buckets”). We will accept all donations until December 31st and give the donations to F.I.D.O. (Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside) to help families around Indianapolis in need during the holiday season. Drop donations off at For The Dogs 10617 Zionsville Road

HATS OFF FOR CANCER, through Dec 15th
Girl Scout Troop #901 is collecting donations of new (unused) hats for a charity called Hats Off For Cancer. Through Hats Off For Cancer, the Girl Scout Troop will give all of the hats they collect to children with cancer at Riley Children’s Hospital. Two collection tubs will be available in Zionsville. One just inside the front doors at the Boys Girls Club of Zionsville-East and one outside the Eagle Elementary cafeteria

Eagle Elementary PTO will be collecting books and school supplies for needy families across the country. This is organized by the host city for each Super Bowl in order to spark volunteerism. We will have a donation bin by the Eagle Elementary office starting January 3rd.

HOPE FOR HEROES, through Dec 18th
Winter wear and personal care items for homeless veterans are being collected for the Hope for Heroes program, a project of ESA Kappa Theta Chapter of Zionsville. Donations will be distributed to veterans by the VA Hospital of Indianapolis. A complete list of needed items may be found at www.zionsville.lib.in.us click on the Hope for Heroes banner. Drop off your donations in Youth Services through Dec 18th. Collection bins are also at Akard True Value in Boone Village and Wooden Key Hallmark in Boone Village.

Corner Vise and Thomas Kinkade is spearheading a vitamin Drive for Timmy Global Health. Help Timmy to provide healthy futures with your donation of children’s, pre-natal or multi vitamins. Get a FREE Medicine Man poster featuring Dr. Chuck by Rod Frederick with your vitamin donation.

New unwrapped toys can be dropped off at Carter Van Lines 9750 Zionsville Road, Zionsville Indiana M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-noon


“A Christmas Story” Performance by Off Main Street Players

By Beth Bugbee

Looking for something to get you in the holiday spirit? Are you looking for a gift for Aunt Frannie, Grandma and Grandpa or the babysitter? Get to Town Hall the first two weekends in December to see A CHRISTMAS STORY performed by the Off Main Street Players of Zionsville!

Humorist Jean Shepherd’s memoir of growing up in the midwest in the 1940s follows 9 year-old Ralphie Parker in his quest to get a genuine Red Ryder BB gun under the tree for Christmas. Ralphie pleads his case before his mother, his teacher and even Santa Claus himself at Goldblatt’s Department Store. The consistent response: “You’ll shoot your eye out.” All the elements from the beloved motion picture are here, including the family’s temperamental exploding furnace; Scut Farkas, the school bully; the boys’ experiment with a wet tongue on a cold lamppost; the Little Orphan Annie decoder pin; Ralphie’s father winning a lamp shaped like a woman’s leg in a net stocking; Ralphie’s fantasy scenarios and more. Celebrate the season and this perennial holiday favorite!

Tickets are $15 at the door or visit offmainstreetplayers.org to pre-purchase them. Seating will be limited, so pre-purchasing is recommended.

Show times are:
Saturday, December 3 at 8PM
Sunday, December 4 at 2:30PM
Friday, December 9 at 8PM
Saturday, December 10 at 8PM
Sunday, December 11 at 2:30 PM

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