Letter from the President

Limitless Exploration Advanced Pace or bissextile?  The short term for both is LEAP.

The first is the huge impact that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Lilly are putting together to the north of us in Boone County.  The second is the year we are currently enjoying.

Although the LEAP that will impact our county will also impact the Village in the long term, we have our own LEAP initiative coming down the road in which we can proactively reinforce the strong foundation of our village.  This can continue with our meeting this Sunday!   We will be hosting Corrie Sharp of the Zionsville Redevelopment Commission who will have an important update on the progress of the Gateway and downtown Zionsville plans. 

Mayor Stehr will also be here!  With some introductory mayoral updates and availability to our members, we will have a lot to learn (bring popcorn)!  We will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and input at our meeting. 

We are getting close to a schedule of our activities and meetings for the year, so stay tuned to the Village Voice and our Facebook page.

On another note…I recall years ago that residents would send in pictures and short updates on progressions they had made with their village homes (renovations, updates, ideas, landscaping?).  If you have a story you would like to share, we can post it here and on Facebook for all to enjoy (I think one family’s renovation went on for 4 months of Village Voice postings). 

What are you going to accomplish with your extra LEAP Day?

I’ll see you Sunday, March 3rd! 1:30pm at the Sullivan Munce Museum.

e-mail me at: president@zvra.com

Bret Brewer

Stepping Through History

Have you taken a walk through the Village lately? If simply walking past the same homes over and over again seems mundane, what if these homes could tell you their stories?

A new section of the Century Structures Walking Tour will be available by the end of March (if not sooner) and the final section will follow shortly. If you haven’t already tried the walking tour, you can scan the bar code below, which will take you to the tour. It begins at CoHatch (formerly The Sanctuary) on Main Street.

If you have any questions about the tour, or discover errors or content that’s confusing, please reach out to president@zvra.com and Bret will forward those messages to the Century Structures team. The tour is a work in progress, and as we learn more information about the homes, the content will be updated as well.

Mission: Kitchen Appliance Overhaul

A Weekend Kitchen Consolidation

With a 100-year-old house, the kitchen space is not as large as homes these days. I had the standard oven/stove and in order to accommodate, an additional toaster oven and a microwave taking up the much-needed counter space around the rest of the room.  So where to consolidate those appliances into one and find a place to install them?

The kitchen Island!  Used to store multiple appliances that are rarely used and could be housed in other cabinets in the kitchen (or frankly given to goodwill).  Also used to keep kitten food out of range of the dog…


Cut out a big hole and add an electric box on the inside:

Size up the base and put in supports:

Drop in a new oven/microwave combo unit!

Put in trim and paint:

And you now have a double oven and microwave combo with extra counter space!

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