And May the 4th Be With You…

This May 4th the weather is looking fantastic for the annual Brick Street Market.  As you walk the celebrated event in downtown Zionsville, take a moment to enjoy the feelings your surroundings bring and notice why it is; charming, inviting, pleasant, alluring… what brings you here?

We are in the midst of changing the entryway to this downtown gateway with proposed road and path adjustments as well as guidelines for new construction: https://www.zionsvillesouthvillage.com/ (go to “see the details” and click on the “read the PUD” for updates that are posted on the site regularly.)

This is happening quickly!  As of this writing, the first step in the approval process is to present the PUD to the Plan Commission on May 20th. The Plan Commission will consider the proposal, suggest changes, and offer a recommendation to the Town Council. The Town Council will then vote.

The VRA (that’s us) has been asked to provide input as well as a letter of support on the PUD.  I have formed a VRA Gateway Committee of our members (some of the best and brightest) who have been meeting to discuss the proposed PUD and offer recommendations to the mayor’s office.  So far, our initial feedback has included asking for more specifics related to restrictions in the PUD.

There is a lot of data in the project details and the FAQ sections on the website.  I urge you to review this and please send the project team your comments and questions: https://www.zionsvillesouthvillage.com/project-details.  Please also send your comments to your Town Councilor who will be voting on this issue.  I would similarly like to get your input prior to our committee meeting which is scheduled for May 12th (send thoughts via president@zvra.com).

Calendars (in the form of bookmarks) are out for our annual festivities, check your doorway as they are being distributed by our volunteers.

Hopefully I will see you at the Brick Street Market when I return from watching my daughter walk the stage while graduating from IU that morning (yeah!!!).

“Do or do not.  There is no try.” – Yoda

e-mail me at: president@zvra.com

Bret Brewer, ZVRA president


The annual Porch Party is back, this year on May 25 from 3 – 5 p.m. VRA members are invited to gather on Cedar Street between 4th and 5th Streets. Bring an appetizer or dessert to share, plus a chair or any drinks you’d like to enjoy. We’ll have games, music, and a chance to chat with neighbors.

What’s In Your Attic?

by John Tousley

Older homes can hold surprises for those who are accustomed to recently constructed structures. Drywall replaces plaster bound together by horsehair. A well is discovered under the den. A cesspool unearthed outside next to the kitchen. Cutting into solid wood framing is challenging, quickly dulling a saw or drill bit. A tangled mess of knob and tube wiring is generally not worth disrupting, and where is the insulation that is supposed to be in the walls and attic?

One of our surprises in our home was the discovery of two large steel horse troughs in the attic. The attic “stairs” are more akin to a ladder than to a stairway.  How did they get them into the attic? How did the horses climb up and down the stairs? (just kidding

As it turns out, the troughs were not for horses, they were for humans and part of the plumbing.  Water was placed in the first trough. Sediment would collect on the bottom of the trough resulting in relatively clean water on top. A pipe, located above the sediment level, connected the first trough to the second trough, resulting in sediment free water availability to the home. The second trough was connected to the rest of the home. Markings on the side of the troughs state that they were manufactured by Gedge Bros. Iron Roofing Company of Anderson, Indiana. 

These troughs have been discovered in more than one home in the Village. Perhaps there’s something interesting lurking in your attic?

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