• November 1st (Thursday) Poetry on Brick Street
  • November 6th  (Tuesday) Rock the Vote!  It’s Election Day in the USA.
  • November 17th (Saturday) Artisan’s Fare at SullivanMunce
  • November 23rd (Friday) Tree lighting on Main Street at 6:00pm
  • November 24th (Saturday) Small Business Saturday. Support our local business owners!
  • December 1st  (Saturday) VRA Progressive Dinner
  • December 1st and 2nd  (Saturday and Sunday) Christmas in the Village
  • December 1st (Saturday) Carol of Homes 

Letter from the President

“I just wish there were more options to shop for cheap, Chinese made junk closer to the Village” said No One, Ever.

We had a very good discussion with the Walmart attorney and representatives at the VRA meeting on October 16th. Councilor Mundy was in attendance to hear what the Walmart folks had to say as well as what VRA members had to say and maybe even more important, how they said it. 

There was a lot of discussion about the look of the building and the landscaping. What I felt was even more important, but was less discussed were issues like traffic and safety. It is my belief that the reason so many people push back on development like this is simply due to the “quality of life” that we have here in the Village and the potential threat that bad development has. 

Zionsville has worked very hard to keep itself as the bedroom community that it is. But as more and more people come (many for the quality of life that we have here) that quality of life becomes diffused and I fear that we become more of a homogenous suburbia. My wife recently said, “For many years the people and politicians have kept rampant development in Zionsville at bay, and what do we get for all that hard work? A Walmart at our doorstep.” 

Sadly, because of the status of the lawsuit with the previous Walmart, and general pro-development attitude of the Town Council and Plan Commission, this is probably a done deal. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to push to make sure it is the best we can make it as these plans are not finished. The VRA will be working at putting together another meeting with the Walmart people and the representatives from the Town to get more questions answered and to get the best we can get out of this. There will be more details as we go forward, but we will need your input and attendance to make any sort of difference.

There have been a number of editorials regarding the Walmart in the Times Sentinel in the last few weeks, some of which have some incorrect information regarding the property tax situation of a Walmart development. As of right now, the Walmart development sits in the TIF district. Property tax revenue that is generated in the TIF district can only be used IN the TIF district until it expires, which is 2028. In other words, Property Tax money generated by the Walmart will NOT go to the Zionsville Schools or the Town’s general fund until 2028.

This is the same situation for the proposed Fedex, and anything else that gets developed on the Dow property. All that money is set to be used for more infrastructure, etc inside the TIF district. The TIF district is a development accelerator, and is the tool that Carmel has used to do all of the development of their City Center and Arts District.

Lastly, I wanted to thank the VRA members in attendance who voted for me to be retained as the VRA President. I, along with new VP Scott Lusk, Treasurer Carol Dienhart, and Secretary Guinn Doyle will continue to keep you as informed as we can, and do our very best to promote and protect the concerns of the Village. 

See you at the Progresssive Dinner if not before.

Chris Bucher 

Village News and Events

Poetry on Brick Street – Thursday, November 1st

Poetry on Brick Street will present Stephen R. Roberts as the featured poet at 6:30 p.m., ThursdayNov. 1 , at Eagle Creek Coffee Company (Eagle Creek Coffee), 10 South Main Street;  Zionsville, Indiana  46077. Coffee, food and drinks from Eagle Creek’s menu will be available for sale. Open Mic for poets will follow the featured speaker. 

Poetry on Brick Street is a project of Brick Street Poetry, Inc., which is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit based in Zionsville, Indiana. Brick Street Poetry also publishes the internationally-known literary journal, the Tipton Poetry Journal, and hosts other poetry-related events.

Artisan’s Fare – Saturday, November 17th

The SullivanMunce Cultural Center is ramping up for their most prestigious fundraiser of the year.

The third annual Artisans’ Fare, a fest for foodies featuring Indiana’s premier food and drink artisans, will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 in the SullivanMunce Cultural Center.

The two-day event celebrates the time-honored techniques and craftsmanship of food and beverage artisans and allows attendees a rare opportunity to sample, discuss, and purchase these exceptional products directly from the artisans.

Featured at this tasting and shopping extravaganza is Burton’s Maplewood Farm, named 2011 Food Artisan of the Year by edibleCHICAGO. Select others include; Artisano’s Oils and Spices, Big Dipper Peanut Butter, Confectioneiress, Ganache Chocolatier, Hoosier Momma, Inga’s Popcorn, LocalFolks Foods, Ludwig Farmstead Creamery, Sunrise Coffee Roastery, Tea’s Me Café, Two Cookin’ Sisters Specialty Food Co. Shop, Upland Brewing Co., Wildflower Ridge Honey and Xchcocohol Art Organic and Fair Trade Chocolates.

Visual artists with food-related work will feature the following: Lisa Pelo- glass; Pam Newell- painting; Carol Bell- pottery; and Jim Dupler- wood. Additional selected artists include Becky Brill Designs-paper, Blue Moon Pottery, Cindy Cradler-painting, Lee Ellis-wood, Soyang Kang-Partington-pottery, Judy Patterson-painting, Andrea Speigelberg-floral, Cynthia Young-glass.

Admission: $5 at the door

The festive Preview Party, held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, November 16, will feature live jazz, hors d’oeuvres and libations and will offer guests the first opportunity to sample and shop for themselves as well as those on their holiday shopping lists.

Twenty fabulous serving trays, hand-painted by some of Indiana’s top artists will be available for purchase through silent auction that night. Tray artists include Tom Casalini and Kellar Mahaney of Zionsville and April Willy of Indianapolis.

Tickets for the preview are available for $50 per person by contacting the SullivanMunce at 317.873.4900.

Zionsville  Tree Lighting – Friday, November 23rd

The Christmas in the Village celebration begins with the lighting of the Christmas Tree on Main Street on Friday,
November 23. Father Christmas arrives at 6:00pm; Tree Lighting at 6:30pm. Lots of photo opportunities, refreshments and live holiday music!

Small Business Saturday – Saturday, November 24th

Shop small and get out of the mall! Small Business Saturday is a day, traditionally between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, dedicated to supporting the small businesses that fuel our local economy.  Shop, dine and support the small business owners of Zionsville.

Christmas in the Village – Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd

Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2 are jam-packed with activities taking place throughout the Village. Santa arrives at 9:30am on Main Street led by the Zionsville High School Marching Band. You can ride the antique trolley and stop off at the library on Saturday for fun-filled holiday crafts and storybook readings, make a stop at Akard True Value in Boone Village and join in on the fun with the Elf Scavenger Hunt. Continue on to the SullivanMunce and pick out a handcrafted bowl and fill it with steaming hot chili, shop at the holiday artisan boutique and head back to Main Street to finish your holiday shopping. Watch for details on our month-long Christmas in the Village festivities. Don’t forget to make a stop at The Hearth at Tudor Gardens for their “Deck the Halls” open house featuring 30+ stylized holiday wreaths that you can bid on during a silent auction. Photos with Santa too!
Join us on Facebook at ZionsvilleChristmas to get a complete listing of events.

SullivanMunce Christmas in the Village Events – Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd

SullivanMunce Cultural Center will be decked out in holiday splendor for Zionsville’s Christmas in the Village on
December 1 – December 2, 2012.

Holiday Artisan Boutique:
Visitors can shop for a wide variety of gifts in our holiday boutique, featuring work from local and regional artists December 1-22, 2012

Chili bowl Sale: We have enlisted an army of talented artisans to help throw, glaze, and fire over one hundred handmade chili bowls for this year’s annual Chili Bowl sale. Buy a handcrafted ceramic bowl (for just $10) and have it filled with hot, homemade chili for free 11 am-2 pm on Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2.

Bake Sale: SullivanMunce Cultural Center Guild will hold their Annual Bake Sale on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on events during Christmas in the Village, call 317.873.4900 or visit our website at www.sullivanmunce.org.

Christmas in the Village events begin on Saturday, December 1, 10 am – 4 pm and ends on Sunday, December 2,
1 pm – 4 pm.

Carol of Homes – Saturday, December 1st

Presented by Zionsville Show Choirs
11am – 5pm

The first annual Carol of Homes – Holiday Home Tour is one of several activities being held during Christmas in the Village. This tour will offer patrons the opportunity to tour 6 beautifully decorated homes, including the MapleLawn Farmstead, while being entertained with carols sung by the Zionsville High School Show Choir students. Tickets are $20 per person. All proceeds benefit the Zionsville High School Show Choirs. For more information, please contact Jennifer Luczak at 317.408.0203

VRA Holiday Progressive Dinner

Save the Date! The VRA Holiday Progressive Dinner is just around the corner! It’s our 4th annual dinner and promises to be just as fun and delicious as the past 3. It’s on the Saturday of Christmas in the Village, December 1st at 6pm, hosted by 3 of our generous village neighbors. Easy walking distance, so let it snow!

VRA members will be receiving their “Anyvite” soon. Don’t dawdle, we can accommodate only 40!

Your Progressive Committee Chairs,
Kathy and Marianne

Garden Club News

“Hey, Zionsville!  What Are You Listening To?” 

Your question in the last newsletter, what are you listening to, gave rise to the following.  I’m listening to life as it’s happening in the moment, moment by moment, birds chirping, leaves rustling, cars passing by, my dog’s snoring, whatever sounds are being offered to my ears.

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake”:  from Thoreau’s “bloom of the present moment”.

Delma Mindel

VRA Gardening Club

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a true page turner!   A young couple moves from NYC back to the Midwest to help out with elderly family.  On their fifth anniversary, he comes home to find his wife gone.  It is quite a journey to discover what has happened to her.  There are surprises all along the way.  I highly recommended it to a friend, who then read it.  Her review of the book was that it was quite dark.  It is, so you are forewarned!”




Village Voice Art Project

Meet Your Neighbor

Beth Bugbee took some time to chat with our Village neighbor, Caron Peper of Ash Street

Can you tell us about your family?   I live with my husband, Justin, and our daughter, Autumn.  She is 8 years old and attends Eagle Elementary.

How long have you lived in Zionsville?  We have lived here three years.  We did live in Irvington before moving to Zionsville.

Where are you from originally?  Both my husband and I were raised on the south side of Indianapolis.

Do you work?  Yes, I am a research analyst at the IU School of Medicine.

Why did you come to Zionsville?  We were planning a move to Wyoming.  We needed a temporary home near my husband’s workplace before the move and Jenn Bucher, who I had worked with, always talked about how she loved living in the Village. We started to explore the area and decided this would be a wonderful place to live temporarily.  We rented a home in the Village and then decided to buy when our out of state plans didn’t seem to be taking shape.  I think our move to Zionsville has become more permanent then temporary.

Have you made any changes to your home?  We have replaced the windows, doors, roof, half of the flooring, changed a few walls, insulated walls/attic, had a retaining wall built and started landscaping.  We have a lot of interior painting and trim to work on in the next year. Recently, we put up fiber cement siding and painted the exterior of the house.  Several people have commented positively on the new color.  They have also complimented us on our new doors, windows and roof which have been there for quite a while!  Nothing draws more attention to your home than a drastic change in color!   

What is the best thing about Zionsville?  In the Village, you are forced to know everyone.  This may not sound like a particularly good thing, but my husband and I are a bit introverted and it has helped us meet many new people.

What is the biggest change that you see in Zionsville?  Probably the encroachment or potential encroachment in the Village.

What are your interests?  I like reading, running, and working on the house/yard.  Our family also has a rule set that we must try something new on a monthly basis.  We have hang glided, attended a green seminar, ran a marathon and camped to name a few.

What is your favorite Village shop/restaurant?  Being the parent of an 8 year old child, it would have to be Earth Explorers.

What is your favorite movie?  I like almost any comedy.  A couple of my favorites are Airplane, Idiocracy and Clue.  I also enjoy the Marx brothers.

What is your favorite book?  The most memorable book I have read is To Kill a Mockingbird because it was the first book I read that I experienced great writing.

What are your plans for the future?  I want to pay off the house and simply enjoy each day.  Eventually we would still like to move to Wyoming.

What advice do you have for other Villagers?  Like so many other Village residents, I encourage others to walk the Village and shop the shops.

What are a few words that would describe your perfect day?  autumn – sunny – evening campfire

School Board Candidate Profiles

The VRA invited candidates for Zionsville School Board to introduce themselves.  Each candidate was offered a maximum of 500 words.  Their responses are following in alphabetical order, by last name. 

Jane Burgess

Eagle Elementary has been a mainstay in Zionsville’s Village since 1955. I went to a small town elementary school just like it. Kids walked to school. Students could walk to the library. The shouts and laughter of children at recess were a common sound to neighbors surrounding the school just as they are at Eagle.

Eagle is in need of help. The last major renovation at Eagle was in 1999—13 years ago. This year 71 students in full day kindergarten fill the halls with 4 kindergarten teachers. The district has identified that Eagle Elementary is in serious need of repairs to its foundation. It is vital that we work to keep Eagle a safe and positive learning environment.

I believe that managing these challenges requires a long and historical viewpoint of what a Village school actually means to its residents and know that I will continue to bring that perspective to our school board. The Board does not have all the answers which is why I have worked to increase the communication between the Board and parents, taxpayers and the Town Council. This has paid dividends in our long term planning and in saving taxpayer dollars

As a school board member, I want to see Eagle remain healthy and strong for its Village neighbors, families and students. To do this, our community has to be fiscally strong while also taking a long-term view about our community and its needs. Zionsville is currently dealing with a new state funding formula which reduces the amount of dollars we receive from the state by millions of dollars. In recent years we have been prudent with taxpayer dollars, cut unnecessary spending and sought private partnership to help our bottom line. Recently, we announced we are working with the state to provide additional state dollars to high performing school districts like ZCS. Zionsville is intimately tied to the Village and it must remain strong–it is the first image that comes to mind when people think of our community.

As a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing, I have learned the value that people place on their home and surroundings. Maintaining a healthy elementary school like Eagle not only adds to that value but enhances it by making the Village what we all want it to be, a small town community feeling of pride in where we 
live and where our children go to school.

While some folks will argue that fiscal responsibility is the only attribute that a school board member needs, I would respectfully argue that we must remember that where we live and the values that we all live by are also critical to our community lifeline. Strong schools and a strong community go hand in hand. As a school board member, former educator, and community volunteer, I strongly believe that I am uniquely situated to help meet these needs and so I ask for your support on November 6th. 

Sue Gentile

Dear Village Residents,

My name is Sue Gentile and I am a candidate for Zionsville School Board. I am writing to ask not only for your support and your vote, but to share with you why I am running.
Like many of you, my husband and I were drawn to Zionsville by the quality of the schools.  I am originally from New York and, although not a native Hoosier, I have fallen in love with this family friendly town.  My interest in the School Board is tied to my concern for the education of our children.  I firmly believe that every child possesses amazing potential and that, next to parenting, education is the springboard to unleashing that potential.
Although I’m not a teacher, I have sought out teaching opportunities throughout my life.  I tutored written communications for 4 years while attending college and have volunteered to teach religious education for 6 years both in New Jersey and here at St. Alphonsus.
Although I love working with children, my training and professional experience are in accounting. I’m a CPA with 15 years of public and private accounting experience.  My strength is in Financial Reporting, which means that I am experienced at taking complex financial transactions and boiling them down to something that is easily understandable by just about anyone.
Transparent, easy-to-understand financial information is exactly what is needed at the School Board meetings.  My ability to present information in this way facilitates problem solving and team-work needed to reach across the aisle to the non-accountant and to speak their language.
Problems are a fact of life and we face them everyday.  How we deal with them reveals and shapes our character and determines our future.  I have found that when you are able to communicate effectively with others, together you can come up with great solutions!  And that, in a nutshell, is why I am running….because our School Corporation is facing serious financial problems that it has been unable to effectively resolve.  My friend, Joe Stein, and I bring the fresh perspective, experience and the drive needed to solve these problems.
It is our hearts and our minds that will make the difference.  Both Joe Stein and I have the minds of experienced financial professionals and the hearts that tell us that the education of our children must come first.  We believe this combination makes us best suited to find long term, financially sustainable solutions to this financial crisis.
We believe it is time to have an open discussion with the community about the School’s financial situation.  Joe Stein and I are committed to balancing the budget with common sense solutions and new ideas while retaining our teachers and being sensitive to taxpayers.
As candidates for School Board, the community is being given the opportunity to make a positive difference.  I am personally asking you, the reader, to give Joe Stein and I the privilege to serve you and to represent you to the best of our abilities.
Sue Gentile
Candidate for Zionsville School Board

Joe Stein


Dear Village Residents,

My name is Joe Stein and I am a candidate for the Zionsville Community School Board representing Union Township. While Union is my home township, the entire Zionsville school district will have the choice to vote for me.

My wife, Donna, and I have raised our four children in Zionsville for the last 20 plus years. We are proud that our children have had the opportunity for an excellent education and look forward to our younger children graduating from ZCHS as our daughter, Kelsey did in 2011. My goal is that all area children will be provided the same excellent education without raising additional taxes to support the schools.

Our community just passed a $14,100,000 referendum, we need to make those dollars count. In the March 27th issue of the Zionsville Current, our Superintendent stated about the referendum “It’s a Band-Aid; this is about trying to find new ways to operate.”

I want to be the one to help find new ways to operate, and to throw out the band aid. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and make financial decisions that will move us in the right direction so that we get our fiscal house in order. Time is of the essence, using the approved referendum dollars that the community voted to allow in the last referendum vote, we only have until 2015 to figure out how to turn it around.

I’ve never sought public office, but want to put my over 20 years of financial management background to work for our schools. When I was thinking about running, I had the opportunity to meet a like-minded individual – Sue Gentile, a 15-year financial services veteran and CPA, who was also optimistic about finding a solution.

The number one question I have been asked is “Why vote for Sue? Jane Burgess is so nice.” We are in a financial crisis and it is all hands on deck. Our school board needs financially trained professionals. Sue Gentile is a highly skilled CPA.

Over the past few months, we have attended school board meetings, and poured over the school’s 200 plus page budget. Sue and I are confident if both given the opportunity, we can balance the schools budget by the end of our terms.

Some who oppose us are spreading false information; that we will vote to rescind the referendum funding approved last May. THIS IS NOT TRUE – it is a fabrication by the ZCS yes group.

The Stein/Gentile Team has a Plan to:

· Ensure Children First Education

· Work with administration to manage the budget

· Open the lines of communication with the school board

· Communicate with the Town Council on planning decisions that affect our class sizes.

Visit our website www.ZionsvilleSchoolBoard.com for more information.

Please consider the Stein/Gentile team this Fall at the voting booth. With your help, we promise to make a positive change.


Joe Stein

Rob Wingerter

I, Rob Wingerter am seeking my sixth term as a member of the Zionsville Community School Board. My credentials are I am a CPA and attorney, and have been with Ernst Young LLP, (one of the Big Four international accounting firms) for the last 36 years and a partner for 24. My focus is tax planning for multinational companies and have worked with most of the major public companies in Indiana. I have held numerous leadership positions with the firm including Indianapolis Office Managing Partner and Indiana Tax Practice Leader.

In addition to my twenty years on the school board, I have been very involved in a variety of community organizations, currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Indianapolis, member of the boards of Wheeler Mission Ministries, United Way of Central Indiana, and Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. I am also an educator and am on the adjunct faculty of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

I and my wife Debbie have been Zionsville residents since 1976. Our four adult children are all graduates of Zionsville Community Schools, and four of our six grandchildren attend ZCS.

During my tenure I have seen the enrollment in the district triple to nearly 6000 students. This growth has provided both challenges and opportunities. New school construction and financing, redistricting, curriculum expansion, changes to school funding formulas, budgetary challenges, staffing changes, and a referendum have been successfully addressed by me and my fellow trustees over the years. The hallmark of my time on the board has been my ability to apply analytical skills to objectively review all the data and opinions in order to reach a supportable and practical decision. I have consistently demonstrated the ability to forge consensus among divergent groups and move the community forward on potential divisive issues.

I have focused my time on the board working to achieve the mission statement of the district: to become one of the premier school districts in the country. I see one of the primary roles of a board member as being to provide long term planning for the district to ensure a consistently improving educational environment for the youth of the community. Nothing is more indicative of an individual’s long term chances of a productive and successful life as the quality of the education received. An investment in today’s youth not only enables them to create a better life for themselves, but improves the community around them.

Another primary focus of the board is to balance the multiple needs of the school system with the ability of the community to pay for those needs. This requires a thorough understanding of school finances and an awareness of the need to keep a competitive tax rate with the communities surrounding Zionsville. With my background and years of experience I am uniquely gifted to balance these competing demands.

The next four years will be critical to the school district and request your support on November 6.

Government Updates

RDC Report from the VRA Legislative Affairs Committee

Zionsville Rd., both west and east sides, between Eagle Creek and 106th Street:

-  Property is owned by Harris FLP.  Bob Harris is a Zville resident.
-  Property will be developed by Harris FLP and Paul Kite.  Paul Kite is also a Zville resident.
-  Attorney for developers is Matt Price (former Town Council President), also a Zville resident.

-  Consists of 2 large projects: 
1)  west side of Zville Rd., currently a vacant lot.
2)  east side of Zville Rd., currently the Love Furniture building (Nana’s flowers and Wildcat Creek Outfitters).

-  Address on both sides will be “Main St.” to be consistent with the “Village Expansion District” called for in the Economic Strategic Development Plan.
-  Total money requested by developers:  $539thd.
-  Total money granted to developers by the RDC by majority vote:  $400thd.  One RDC member voted Nay.  Details of the agreement to be worked out at a special mtg. on 11/13 at 6:30pm, including a claw-back option, perhaps a 2nd lien or a personal guarantee.
-  All funds granted by the RDC were reallocated from the line item in the 2013 budget for the “First St. Project”.  It was decided that the Harris project is a higher priority than the First St. project, given that plans have not been agreed upon nor submitted for approval for the First St. project – it is still in a draft creation/revision phase.  It was noted by the RDC that the First St. project is not “dead”, nor will funding be unavailable for the project, however the timeline for available funding is being pushed back, I believe 5-ish years, which is when the tax revenue from the Harris project is expected to replenish the RDC budget by this amount.
-  Per Boone EDC, the grant for the Harris development may have had a negative impact on the anticipated public/private partnership with the future DOW property owner, had the funding come from a line item other than the First St. project.  Line items in the budget such as “Economic Development Incentives” are needed for the anticipated DOW public/private partnership, therefore could not / should not be used for the Harris project.
-  Grant money from RDC for Harris project to be used for:  site work, earth moving, paving, utilities, landscaping.

West side vacant lot, Zionsville Rd. between Eagle Creek and 106th St.:

-  West side lot to consist of: 

2 small commercial spaces on far south end of lot
Car entrance from street just to the north of these 2 commercial spaces
5 additional commercial spaces connected in a row
Stand alone restaurant at the far north end of the lot by creek

-  Total SF of all buildings on west side lot summed = 12,500 SF.
-  83 total on-site parking spaces, mostly behind the buildings.
-  12 on-street parallel parking spaces.
-  Many more parking spaces are planned than are required.  This is due to anticipated need from the restaurant, and also so that people can park, shop, and walk into downtown shops and/or future DOW development spaces, all via existing pathway systems.
-  Architecture/aesthetics to be consistent with Village Expansion District desires (i.e. varying heights, varying facade materials, extras…I believe similar to the concept of downtown Main St. buildings, but new).
-  Total investment by developers on west side = $3mln.
-  Of note:  original development plan for this lot was proposed and accepted in 2006/2007 as a 20,000 SF strip-type center.

-  2 development phases on the west side lot: 

Phase 1)  4,000 SF stand alone building:
-  Locally owned non-chain family restaurant (owner lives in Zville, has restaurant in Carmel). 
-  10 year lease has been signed. 
-  Name of restaurant slipped at the meeting, but to keep restaurant owner’s confidentiality, I will not divulge.  I believe the name is to go public this week. 
-  Located on far north end of lot, with an outdoor patio overlooking Eagle Creek.
-  To break ground ASAP – within the next several weeks.
-  Restaurant scheduled to open early summer 2013.
-  Developer investment for this phase = $1.8mln (restaurant building and all paving)
-  Property taxes to go into TIF bucket, however food/beverage taxes to go to appropriate Town bucket.

Phase 2)  7 smaller office/retail spaces – exact square footage per space is somewhat flexible.
-  Zero leases in place – developer hoping for a mix of mom/pop shops and chain shops.
-  Developer will be seeking long-term leases for all spaces.
-  2 small commercial spaces at far south end of lot, very close to 106th St. – total SF of the two summed is 1,875 SF.
-  Car entrance is just north of these 2 commercial spaces.
-  Between the car entrance and the stand alone restaurant are 5 additional commercial spaces, all connected, but all varying in heights and facades.  Flexible space – can be made custom sizes.  Total SF of 5 spaces summed is 6,625 SF.
-  Timeline to break ground on commercial spaces not set in stone, but developer wants to complete the project within the next 3 years. 
-  Developer investment for this phase = $1.2mln.

East side lot, Zionsville Rd. between 106th St. and Voyles residence / Eagle Creek:

-  Deal for existing Love Furniture building lease not signed yet, but negotiations should be completed by the end of this week, and deal signed.  Negotiations are with a Zionsville business owner for a 12-year lease. 
-  Deal would bring 22 jobs to Zionsville, with an average salary of $195thd.  Does this mean 1 or 2 high paid execs. with 20 or 21 lower paid employees?  Or a more even salary across the board?  Formulation of average was not discussed.  Payroll taxes will go to appropriate Town bucket, property taxes to TIF bucket.
-  Business owner wants to be in by mid-2014.
-  Love Furniture building currently fully leased for the next 18 months.  SF = 15,500.
-  Sketches call for a “Planned Building” to the east of the Love Furniture building where the existing storage building exists.  It was not discussed if the “Planned Building” is the existing building, or if the existing will be replaced by a new building.  SF = 16,170 up to 18,000. 
-  $3mln. total investment by developers for east side project.

DOW Property:

-  Rockland Development LLC currently has the option to buy the DOW property.
-  None of the members of the RDC had heard of Rockland before, nor had the Boone EDC.  Boone EDC had zero information on the LLC.  This raised concern with one RDC member.  No offer to research the company was extended.
-  Rockland requested $41thd from RDC, broken out as follows:

$8,000 Environmental
$8,000 Survey
$10,000 Engineering (geotech soil tests)
$6,500 Title Insurance
$3,500 Appraisal
$5,000 Financial impact analysis

-  Some discussion took place re: getting the money back if the deal doesn’t close between Rockland and DOW.  No money would be refunded, however the RDC would own the intellectual property (survey, appraisal, soil tests, etc.) and the Title Insurance cost would not occur. 
-  Boone EDC asked RDC to consider this “seed money” to get the DOW property “going”. 
-  Money was granted to Rockland with a unanimous vote.


Collection to benefit Homeless and at-risk Veterans November 10-December 16, 2012

You can help make winter a little warmer and assist United States Veterans in the Indianapolis area that are homeless or at-risk of homelessness by donating money and requested items to the Hope for Heroes Project, coordinated by the Kappa Theta (Zionsville) Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. All donations received benefit Veterans receiving services from the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis as part of their homeless program.

The collection takes place Saturday, November 10 through December 16, 2012.

Zionsville Collection sites include:

Hussey-Mayfield Public Library, Akard True-Value Hardware, Hallmark at Boone Village

Requested items:

Please note that because the VA Hospital, which coordinates distribution of these items, is a medical center all items must be new.

Men’s and Women’s Winter Wear, Jeans (size 40 and up), Khaki pants (size 34-40), Thermal Underwear, Underwear Undershirts, Socks, Gloves, Toothbrushes Paste, Deodorant, Shaving Supplies, Feminine Care Products.

Most collection sites will also have a collection can at the register for donations of monetary gifts.

On November 10, there will be a special kick-off event at Akard True-Value Hardware in Boone Village Shopping Center, Zionsville from 9:30-11:00. At this event only, community members may donate the following items that are helpful to Veterans in transition, looking for work, or at-risk of homelessness: Grocery Store Gift Cards, Gas Station Gift Cards, and Indy Go Bus Passes. Updates, more collection sites and information about the group can be found by visiting ESA Kappa Theta.

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