• November 8, General Election Day
  • November 24, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 26, Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting on Main Street
  • December 3, Progressive Dinner

President’s Letter by Sara Martini

Dear Neighbors, 

I hope you have been enjoying fall and taking advantage of the fun festivities that happen this time of year! 

Thanks to those who attended the VRA meeting in October. Mayor Haak was on hand to update Villagers on a number of topics including traffic issues, Zionsville Road improvements, ongoing Creekside Park development, improvements to the Town’s website, and future plans for the current Town Hall site.   I hope you found it informative.  I am pleased to announce that Bret Brewer, a long time VRA member, has been elected Vice President for 2017. Erika singler will continue as Treasurer, and Gary Angstadt continues to serve as Secretary. I am also excited to serve as President for the upcoming year. 

December is a busy time for the VRA and the best time to be a Villager!  Be sure to pay your dues so that you can attend the progressive dinner in December. An email with an invitation will be sent to paid members so be sure to keep an eye out for it. It is an event you don’t want to miss! 

We also will have the annual door decorating contest and the Christmas tree delivery in December. Stay tuned for more information and how to sign up. I’ve heard some great ideas already for the door decorating! 

I hope to see you at the progressive dinner and around town! 

Sara Martini 


Election Day is November 8

Even if you believe our two presidential candidates leave much to be desired, let’s not be complacent… It’s our right and duty to VOTE!

Town Council Insights by Josh Garrett

I was saddened and stunned to hear about the tragic shooting that happened in our Town.  I’ve spoken with Chief Knox about the crime, and they are working every angle they can to find the perpetrator(s).  (Editor’s Note:  Just before the publication of VV, a suspect was apprehended and charged in this crime.) It was one of the many reasons I felt that I had to vote in favor of the county-wide local income tax proposed by Sheriff Nielsen.  I know some were against this tax; however, the benefits outweighed the costs after I reviewed all the information.  I am always happy to continue that conversation if you have questions, thoughts or concerns.

Watching the news coverage on that crime, one consistent thing casually reported was that Zionsville is so safe it is a community where people rarely locked their doors.  I cringed every time I heard that message because it’s broadcasting to the world that we’re an easy target for crimes of opportunity.

I feel completely safe walking around my neighborhood, the Village or anywhere in Zionsville.  I also think we need to remain vigilant in ensuring we remain a safe community.  Keep an eye out for your neighbors or anything that looks strange.  Lock your doors and keep valuables out of your cars.  Don’t be afraid to call the police if you think something seems off.  It’s small steps like those that go a long way to keeping crime down.

Meet Your Neighbors: Joan and Jon King by Janet Cohen

Joan and Jon King are my wonderful neighbors. They grace my street with their lively music and terrific banter. We share the love of garden, children and political discourse. There is much hilarity, tinged with sadness and fear that comes with the aging process. They appreciate every day, and we all agree genuine human friendships and loves are vital to living a good life.

Joan and Jon have lived in their gorgeous house for 17 years. Jon found the home on a visit from Philadelphia, and he knew Joan would be willing to renovate the property. The porch, carriage house, grounds and stately look of the house brought them back to Zionsville. Immediately, they loved the soul of the house which was then known as the “Jewel of Zionsville.” Joan, the gardener, loved the herb garden and greenhouse.

Joan was raised in Texas and Jon in Northern Indiana. They met and fell in love at Butler University and the rest is history. They have been married for 46 years and have two sons, Grant and Clint.


Zionsville is a perfect fit for them. They love eating at Cobblestone Grill on the patio and of course the Friendly Tavern is a huge favorite; a regular treat is First Fridays for oysters at the bar.

Jon is involved in a software company and is still working full time despite just having had a big 70th birthday. Both enjoy movies and music. Jon’s favorites are “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Sound of music”, “The Godfather” and “Hondo.” Joan loves “Gone with the Wind,” and both have watched “Hoosiers” many, many times. 

A perfect day starts with a café au lait on the porch listening to the birds and reading the New York Times. That day would end with singing, dancing, riding in the convertible through cornfields,and looking at the stars.

When I asked who they would most like to meet, Jon replied, “L.B.J,” and Joan said, “Cole Porter,” who she would have liked to have collaborated with, writing and singing songs together.

Both Jon and Joan enjoy life and practice living life to the full, using their best creative energies.

“Ladies Night” a Popular Village Tradition

On one Friday night each month, Villagers might notice a string of women making their way to a local home with wine and food in tow.  If you’ve ever wondered what they’re up to, Michele Schlegelmilch explains:  ”This is an informal gathering of women in the Village who meet once a month over wine and appetizers.  A different person hosts each month, and we keep it to Fridays around 5:30 or 6:00.  If you would like to host, you pick the Friday.  We keep the bar low to keep this moving along — and, incredibly, we’re entering our 9th year!  

Everyone brings an appetizer or a bottle of wine so it’s easy on the hostess.”  Some women drop in for a brief visit, and others stay for what is generally a two or two and-a-half hour event.  Depending on one’s schedule, some are “regulars” while others make only a few “Ladies Nights” per year.

October’s event was held on the 28th.  ”I enjoyed meeting some new Villagers that night, and I love that so many neighbors are reaching out and inviting other neighbors.  That’s what we’re about — connecting with each other,” notes Michele, the event coordinator.   This month, Ladies Night is scheduled for November 18 at 6 pm.  

Michele extends information for the monthly gatherings via e-mail. (We avoid posting addresses in this open internet forum because of privacy/safety concerns).   If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, please contact Michele at mdschleg@iu.edu.


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