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Ever thought about composting? If so, now’s the time to give it a try. The Town of Zionsville is partnering with locally-owned Earth Mama Compost to offer residents special pricing for curbside compost pickup.

Zionsville residents can sign up for a discounted rate of $10/month through the Earth Mama website. If 300 households participate and compost just 25% of their solid waste weekly, we will divert 86 tons of waste from landfills annually.

Earth Mama Compost collects scraps every other week through contactless pickup and turns it into soil-enriching compost. Sign up to receive a starter kid of an 8-gallon compost bucket and small countertop bin. You’ll also receive a liner for the bucket and a roll of liners for the countertop bin. Each spring Earth Mama will replace the larger liner and provide a bucket of compost for your garden.

When you’re dealing with compost, one of the most common complaints is smell and insects. The best way to address this is by emptying your bin frequently. For some other tips on composting and finding the right container visit

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