2024 – Out with the Great, In with the New – First letter from your new VRA President:

Happy start to 2024!  My name is Bret Brewer.  I am your new Village Residents Association president (officially for the 2nd time, but that is another story).  I start with sincere gratitude to Heather Lusk who, over the past 3 years, has committed hundreds of hours to not only our association, but our town through many different avenues and volunteer positions providing outstanding leadership and direction for the Town of Zionsville and our village.  I also am extremely appreciative for Aaron Walton, Phil Martini, Erin Effner, and Sally Zelonis along with the countless other residents who have volunteered throughout to make and keep our village what it is.  I could not possibly attempt to achieve half of what Heather has done without the help of our residents and volunteers.

Off we go!  Since our original official creation (which is not so official) was made on February 14, 2000 by Lance Lantz, Judy Varner, Juanita Keith and Jean Apple, I thought it important to go through the By-Laws of the VRA.

Our mission is simple (not): Article II. Mission: To recognize concerns and needs of the residents and act accordingly

In addition, we have a map that outlines the boundaries of the village in our by-laws which includes the businesses (who will be important to work with) but we will stick with residents for now.  We also have special district definitions (Sections 2.23. and 2.13. of the Town of Zionsville Zoning Ordinance).

These are the bases of our foundation that I hope to maintain and keep strong. 

That said.  I would like to set two main agendas on top of our continuing annual traditions:

  1. The Gateway Entrance.
    1. This will be a severe impact to the village.  It has the opportunity to be tremendously positive.  We are at the front of the gateway and have a large voice in its implementation.  I want to work with the town to make this the best entrance to a village EVER. We have some of the greatest minds in the world in Zionsville.  We will need help from this brain trust to get it right.  Which bring s me to;
  2. Our members,
    1. We have a lot of new and long-time residents in the village.  Input from all of our neighbors is important and helpful.  I need help bringing our village residents into the communication loop.  This can start with talking to your neighbors, simply mentioning that the VRA exists and pointing them to our web page(s) (facebook, VRA, sign-up for the Village voice!).  Hopefully we can enhance village walks (bike rides?) and other group activities to get to know our neighbors and their concerns as well.  A proactive group is a productive one.

I look forward to working with everyone and may your 2024 start out with a smile 😊 – e-mail me at: president@zvra.com


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