Letter from the President

Happy New Year, everyone. I don’t know about you, but since the quietness of 2020 I feel that things are always busy. It seems we’re constantly trying to make up for lost time, deferred adventures, and missed experiences.

It’s appropriate then that we’re back to a full schedule for the VRA this year, the schedule posted below. We’ll have six regular meetings, three social events, plus an opportunity to meet the candidates for local offices (town council districts 3 and 4, plus mayor).

On that note, be advised that our district has changed for the upcoming elections. You can see a new map HERE. One of our town council representatives, Josh Garrett, discusses it a bit more in his letter below.

Below Josh’s letter you’ll find a tentative schedule for 2023. You’ll hear more about all these events in upcoming months, but at least this gives an opportunity to put some dates on the calendar. Please invite your neighbors to attend – our meetings are open to all residents.

Also in this month’s news, VRA members Sally and Mark Zelonis will share their experiences in Liberia at the library next month. Check out the article below with a link to register.

Happy New Year everyone!

Heather Lusk

Letter from Town Council

Last month I talked about the redistricting plan we were required by State statute to implement.  That was completed at a special meeting on December 7th (available to view online if you’d like to see).  For many of you, you’ll be switching from District 5 to District 4 as those boundaries have changed.  I find myself also moving over to District 4, although it is not implemented until the next election, so you’re all stuck with me for 12 more months.

I have chosen not to run for the next election.  It’s been my great honor to serve some of you over these past 8 years (District 5 only covers the Village up to 6th Street).  I’m a big believer in term limits at all levels of government, so while I’ve enjoyed my time in this role, it would be hypocritical to continue seeking election for an office while preaching limits for others.  I believe fresh blood with new ideas is always good for government, even if that new person has a lot to learn about how our unique brand of reorganization-based government works.

The end of the year, while always a good time to reflect, is also filled with many required tasks that we as the Council must complete to be able to close our books.  Our last meetings of the year saw many of these be discussed and passed including various money transfers, appropriations, fee schedules and a salary ordinance that governs all employee’s compensation for 2023.

I was also fortunate enough to be invited and attend the annual police banquet that celebrates the various accomplishments of the men and women of ZPD.  This year it was hosted by longtime Bob & Tom personality Kristi Lee, also a Zionsville resident.  She did a great job giving out various awards and commendations including those that received awards for saving a life in 2022 through being the first responder to a medical emergency.  It is always humbling hanging out with this group because of their dedication to public service and our community.

I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday break and a happy New Year!

Josh Garrett

Zionsville Town Council

2023 Schedule

We meet at 7:30pm at the SullivanMunce Cultural Center unless otherwise noted

Jan 31 – VRA meeting – Gateway presentation from Corrie Sharp

Feb 28 – VRA meeting – ZPD talks about fraud prevention, mental health awareness and more

Candidate forum TBD (prior to primary election date May 2)

May 20 – annual porch party

June 27 – VRA meeting: learn about making a fairy garden

Aug 22 – VRA meeting: topic TBD

Sept 16 – annual Picnic on the Bricks

Oct 24 – VRA meeting: elections, Century Structures

Dec 9 – progressive dinner

December TBD – 10th annual holiday decorating contest

VRA members at the library

You can hear Village residents share their knowledge and experience in two upcoming library programs:

On February 7 at 6:30pm, Sally and Mark Zelonis will discuss their life-changing experience living in Liberia in the Peace Corps. In 1971, Sally and Mark were recent college graduates and met in the West African country while respectively teaching at the school and helping farmers with cash crops. The couple moved to Zionsville more than 25 years ago and now are retired and living in the Village.

The talk ties in with the recently published book, Never the Same Again, which is an anthology of 63 true stories and poems written by Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, and those who have worked in Liberia over the past 60 years. It celebrates the 60th anniversary of Peace Corps presence in Liberia.

Click here to register.

And on January 28 at 2pm, hear Heather Lusk discuss the process of writing a non-fiction book, how to dig through local research, and tools that anyone can use if they’re interested in writing. Her experience started with the book, Hidden History of Boone County, and continues with her current research for the 100th anniversary book celebrating Lebanon’s Ulen Country Club.

Register here.

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