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There are plenty of ways to help Zionsville businesses right now. If every village resident did just one of these things each week, that could make a difference in a business staying afloat.

Shop in Person

If you feel comfortable going out and shopping or dining, please do so.  Often sitting down at a restaurant, many people get a glass of wine or a beer with our food resulting in a nice dining experience and a higher ticket for the restaurant. Go into a retailer and shop.  Now would be a great time to pick up future birthday or anniversary gifts, plus individuals can shop while there is less traffic.

Shop Online

Shop Online: If you would prefer to carry out food, consider picking up from a local business once a week. Supporting local restaurants via carry out is a great way to keep businesses open and people employed.  If you do not want to shop in person and would like to shop locally from home, try our option. You can find many of our local stores there and shop from them just like you would from their own websites, but in one place.

Pick-up and delivery

Many stores have delivery or curbside pick-up options.  Call, place your order, drive up and get your items.  Easy!  Some local businesses will even leave their items on your doorstep. Easier!

Leave a business a positive review

Take an afternoon and leave a positive review for your favorite businesses.  Many people look at reviews when making a purchase, so let’s tell everyone how great our Zionsville shops and restaurants are!  Good places to leave a review are Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Encourage friends and family to shop locally

It’s simple, right? By encouraging those outside of the Village to shop our Main Street, we increase the customer base of businesses and help others discover the many treasures that we have downtown. Just tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on!

(tips courtesy of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce)

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