Need a last-minute idea? Here are a few options that are quick and easy.

Dry cleaning: Wear a suit or fancy dress, then cover the outfit with a clear dry cleaning bag. Add a hanger to your back for a finishing touch.

Skier: Wear a snowsuit or snow pants and heavy winter jacket. Then cut skis out of cardboard, or borrow ski poles.

Minion: Overalls over a yellow hoodie. Add goggles.

Jar of jellybeans: Put holes in the bottom of a clear plastic trash bag, step into it and toss small balloons in a multitude of colors in the top. Then tie the top around your neck.

Queen of hearts: Have a crown? Wear it and attach a dozen hearts to a shirt.

Chip on your shoulder: Seriously lazy? Grab a can of Pringles and attach it to your shoulder.

Identity theft: Put multiple “My name is” stickers across a shirt, with various names added. For extra points make names additionally punny like Barry D. Hatchett or Bennie Factor.

Witch doctor: Witches hat, doctor’s coat and mask. Great costume for an event that requires a mask anyway.

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